Land Rover Leasing in Yonkers

If you are looking to get off the road for some adventure, Land Rover would be one of your top preferences of vehicle to drive in. a few vehicle brands come close to what this brand can offer when you are on rough terrain. Land Rover is relatively expensive as they are built to be perfectly comfortable on the road as well as off. They have the capability of adapting to conditions. Due to this, many people opt for the Land Rover even if they don’t spend much time off the road because of its versatile capabilities.
Land Rover does not have an extensive line up but has plenty if what you are looking for is a sturdy vehicle that can pamper you on the road and get you through with ease when you are in a rough patch. Their models include the Discovery Sport SUV, LR2 SUV, LR4 SUV, Range Rover Evoque Sport SUV, Range Rover Sport SUV and Range Rover SUV. With their similar names and minor variations, you might find reviewing these cars a little confusing, especially if you don’t have much experience with the car manufacturer. Either way, we recommend speaking to one of our car experts who can give you the rundown of each model in a simplified manner. Our hotlines can be reached at 914-205-4242 for more information.

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Lease returns with your Land Rover

Many people avoid a car lease if they are looking for an off road vehicle and intend on going on rough terrain. This is mainly due to the fact that car leasing companies can be notorious for overcharging customers for damages and excess wear and tear at the end of the lease contract. Auto leasing companies tend to state that any wear and tear along with excess mileage will be charged. Unfortunately, there is no way to be precise enough when mentioning this policy leading to unscrupulous behavior in some cases.
While we understand the concern by customers of auto leases, at Yonkers Auto Leasing, we handle lease returns quite differently. Customers are constantly surprised to find that they don’t have to pay anything in compensation when they return their vehicle to us. While other companies find a reason to charge their customers, we look to prevent billing our customers unless absolutely necessary. For the most part, if you have maintained your vehicle responsibly and the vehicle has only undergone the usual wear and tear that you’d expect from a car that is a few years old, you can be assured that you won’t be unnecessarily requested to pay compensation. In addition, we are always generous with our mileage limits so you should have more room to breathe and can opt for lengthier trips with your new Land Rover.
We are quite detailed with our policies and ensure that we verbally communicate this to all our customers to ensure we are on the same page. If you would like to learn more about our terms and policies, contact us today on 914-205-4242.