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Even if you haven’t signed a car lease before, you have probably heard of the concept and have friends or acquaintances who lease their car. You may be apathetic or opposed towards the idea. Most of the time, individuals who haven’t leased a car before tend to have a slightly flawed perception of how it works and why it would benefit them. We are not going to sugar coat and say that it is the best solution every single time. The benefit of an auto lease is largely based on the circumstances such as the vehicle, your budget and mostly the car leasing company you work with.
In a nutshell, an auto lease is a car or house on rent. You sign up for a lease based on a contract and you are expected to adhere to the full term after which you return the vehicle. The important thing to remember is that auto lease prices are based on depreciation value of a car. This can sometimes confuse people who see cars that have a higher price tag offered at a lower lease compared to a cheaper car that has a higher leasing price. In essence, auto leasing is ideal as you only pay for the depreciation of the vehicle. Even if you opt to buy a car outright, you have to pay the same amount in the form of depreciation. The issue is that the value you pay includes the auto leasing company’s costs and their margin which can sometimes make an auto lease too costly. Even so, sometimes a car lease is still a great way to drive a car because of the other benefits surrounding it.

Benefits of auto leasing

The premise of a car lease is to make owning a vehicle more manageable and accessible. When you go for an auto lease, you could drive a comfortable, reliable late model for a very decent price per month. Another major benefit is the fact that you get to keep things fresh. If you buy a car outright, there’s a good chance you may even be driving the same car 10 years later. Car leasing contracts generally last up to a maximum of 5 years and can be lower than this. By continually relying on leasing, you could be upgrading your car to the latest model every few years. You also get to enjoy the reliability and durability of a brand new car.

Car leasing with Yonkers Auto Leasing

As described above, auto leasing company costs and profit margins can drive the monthly price beyond a value that is worth as a long term investment. This is why Yonkers Auto Leasing opted for a much more economical business model where we carry out our services online. With our reduced costs, we offer leasing at a nominal price that blows every other form of paying for a car out of the water.
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