Auto Leasing Career in Yonkers

If you are a resident in Yonkers looking for a career in the auto leasing industry, you should count your blessings because there are quite a few options available. There are a number of dealerships working with a variety of car manufacturers with vacancies available. As a sales person at a car leasing company, your job would be a textbook sales career, convincing a customer to make a purchase. Your performance will be measured solely by the deals you close.
If you are interested in a more unique opportunity, you might want to give Yonkers Auto Leasing another look, our entire auto leasing model is a unique one and thus what we look for in a suitable candidate is quite different from the next auto leasing agency.

What Yonkers Auto Leasing is looking for

At Yonkers Auto Leasing, our measure of performance is not just with sales. In fact, the number of sales you bring is secondary. At Yonkers Auto Leasing, our customers come first. While this may sound like a cliché, we seek to actively practice it here at Yonkers Auto Leasing. We are looking specifically for car enthusiasts; not just sales people. The reason we require can enthusiasts is part of our job specification is requiring to know virtually all our models in detail. We promote hundreds of vehicle models from dozens of car manufacturers.
We also want people who will work in the best interest of the customer, this is not just a matter of customer service but crucial to the success of our company. As a person of the auto leasing industry, you would know that early lease termination is usually something a customer avoids due to the high financial barriers set up by the respective car leasing service. At Yonkers Auto Leasing, we make early lease cancellations much more accessible. For this reason, making a sale under false pretenses or withholding certain negative aspects about a vehicle model may lead to an increase in early terminations down the line, which will not be sustainable in the long run.
You will also be required to learn new aspects such as acquiring suitable car financing to supplement a lease if a customer requires it. If you feel you don’t have the knowledge currently, it shouldn’t be a problem. As long as you are willing to learn, our seniors will mentor you over the first few months.

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We maintain a very personal culture in our company. So if you need any questions answered, you can call us up on our hotline and ask away. We’ll be happy to help. At Yonkers Auto Leasing, people come first. As employees of this forward thinking company, this includes you. So you can expect a better than average remuneration package if you are willing to work with enthusiasm towards our cause of making vehicles more accessible to people. Call us on 914-205-4242 for more information. Don’t forget to mail in your CV.

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