Why Choose Us for Auto Leasing in Yonkers

Yonkers is home to several car dealerships. Most dealerships offer either one or a few brands to choose from. The typical process would be visiting the dealership, choosing the model you prefer and after your own research, making the right choice. If you are considering multiple auto manufacturers, you may have to make multiple trips across different dealerships. The whole process would take you several days. On approval, you will have to go pick it up or the leasing company may arrange delivery for free or at a price.
Most leasing companies are quite strict with their policies so you will have to stay bound to the contract until the end of your lease. Supposing you have to get out of your lease, it will cost you a pretty penny. On the topic of prices, auto leasing rates are more or less the same compared to each company based on the period of the lease and down payment.
While some opt for this leasing model, we feel there are many loopholes and inconveniences in the system. Yonkers Auto Leasing was born to fix some of the grievances that come with the car leasing industry.

Why choose Yonkers Auto Leasing

Yonkers Auto Leasing takes auto leasing to a different level. Much of the differentiation comes from an online leasing model. Yonkers Auto Leasing does not maintain a physical car dealership. We operate as an online dealership. All relevant details can be found on our website. If you want to discuss your options and gain a second opinion, you can reach us via our hotline. The move to offer our services exclusively online has significantly altered the way we provide our service. Our leasing rates and down payment are relatively lower to our competition. in addition, we have much more accommodating policies and terms with respect to early lease termination and lessee compensation during lease termination. These multiple benefits of working with Yonkers Auto Leasing is a product of our drastic action of removing the physical dealership aspect.

Priority customer consultation

Apart from the lower rates and easier to manage leasing policies, we pride ourselves over prioritizing our customers’ needs on top of our own. This is not a common trait found in other leasing dealerships. A simple phone call or visit to a local dealership to discuss your interest in a car will reveal that most sales people are over ambitious to sell you the most expensive option that you will consider or have very little regard to your needs at all. At Yonkers Auto Leasing, we operate differently. Our employees are well versed with all manufacturers and models we offer. Combining this with our past customer experience, we are here to assist you in selecting a car and leasing plan that you won’t regret. Ensuring your utmost satisfaction is pivotal to our success as any other result would result in too many early terminations (due to our economical cancellation policies), which would not be feasible.
To learn more about our service or any of our cars, get in touch with us on our hotline via 914-205-4242.

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