Jeep Leasing in Yonkers

If you spend a lot of time off the road, a Jeep is hands down the best option you could go for. Jeeps have long dominated the off road market by producing excellent vehicles dedicated to getting through rough terrain with little effort. The Wrangler is perhaps Jeep’s flagship model with its authentic off road appearance and experience. Jeeps are fun to drive and this is applicable to all their models.
Today, Jeep not only dominates the off-road industry, they also produce some of the best SUVs for on-road use. The Compass for example, is one of the most economical SUVs on the market and gives you considerable gas mileage. On the opposite side of the spectrum is the Grand Cherokee SRT. Capable of taking you to 60 miles per hour in 5 seconds while comprising of interior stitched from the highest quality materials; the Grand Cherokee SRT merges comfort with performance at a relatively low price. At Yonkers Auto Leasing, we have Jeep’s eight latest models at the best prices the industry has to offer. Our models include the Cherokee SUV, Compass SUV, Grand Cherokee SRT SUV, Grand Cherokee SUV, Patriot SUV, Renegade SUV and Wrangler SUV.
If you are looking to lease a Jeep, contact us on our hotline; 914-205-4242.

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Lease termination with Yonkers Auto Leasing

Jeep is built for rough use but you may feel constrained when you lease a Jeep due to the fact that you are liable to the auto leasing company in case of any excess damage. When you lease a vehicle with Yonkers Auto Leasing, you can drive your Jeep on your own terms and feel free to use your Jeep for what it’s meant for. At Yonkers Auto Leasing, we are not excessively strict on compensation. While there are companies that will charge you for even the most negligible issues, we are happy to absorb any minor costs that may have to be incurred to recondition your used vehicle.
Additionally, we arrange inspections well in advance to keep you informed of any possible expenses so you don’t get any undesirable surprises. We understand the nature and use of Jeep vehicles and allow considerable wear and tear at the end of your lease period. Of course we have mileage requirements that will be charged if exceeded but comparatively, you will find that we have a higher cap on mileage in comparison to our competition.
To learn more about our policies with respect to lease termination and other aspects of our contract, call us on 914-205-4242.

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If you are in the market for a Jeep or have any other query related to our business, we’d love to hear from you. Jeeps belong to a special class of vehicles so you may need extra time to perform adequate research and make a satisfactory conclusion. Our car experts would be happy to assist you with the process and walk you through the various formalities involved with leasing the vehicle if you are interested in signing a contract. Contact us on 914-205-4242 today.