Exit your Lease Early in Yonkers

Exiting a lease early is a process that the lessee and the leasing company dread. In fact, most car leasing companies offer very little support and impose heavy fees to customers looking to get out of their lease to basically force them into sticking through the full term. From the lessee’s point of view, this leaves them unhappy and dissatisfied like a forced marriage. From the car leasing service’s point of view, these rules have to be imposed to ensure that they remain profitable. Unfortunately, the auto leasing industry has a common view of handling early lease exits and the entire industry suffers due to this.

Early lease termination with Yonkers Auto Leasing

Yonkers Auto Leasing was setup to change the negative aspects of the car leasing business and handling early terminations is one of them. When you work with Yonkers Auto Leasing, we not only allow early terminations but we look to support it any way we can. If you are looking to get out of your lease early, with our service, it will only cost you a fraction of the cost that the industry standard will charge you if you are looking to get out of your lease. While it is not the most favorable situation to be in for a car leasing company, our customer’s interest comes first and we are willing to take a few shots. Additionally, due to our online leasing model and low operating costs, we can afford to offer early terminations with low fees and still remain afloat in the long run.
Despite this, we have a simple mechanism in place to limit our customers terminating their lease only because they have no other choice and not because of dissatisfaction. Prior to signing of the lease, we ensure that we put our customers through a rigorous education process about the vehicle they are interested in. We also maintain constant contact and ensure all is in order. By offering such a service, we can be sure that a customer only would exit a lease due to unavoidable circumstances. This method has kept our early termination rate surprisingly low despite our low barriers set up.

Lease transfers

Another way we reduce early transfers is by recommending and promoting lease transfers. Lease transfers are a great way for the customer to get out of a lease without having to pay much in compensation. Additionally, as a company we benefit because somebody else will still pay the remainder of the lease and the initial customer stepping out would not have any effect on our bottom line. We not only encourage lease transfers but we provide assistance with the process by alerting any possible candidates willing to undertake the remainder of the lease. This ensures that the transfer takes place quickly and the customer won’t have to wait for an unknown period of time.

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