Lease Returns in Yonkers

If only lease returns were as simple as handing over your car keys. Unfortunately, a lease return is a much more complicated process. In summary, the leasing company will pay you a visit and inspect your car (some companies may require you to visit their dealership), depending on the usage, you may have to pay compensation. The inspection will include a complete check up on the exterior, interior and the engine as well as mileage. Mileage compensation is more straight forward as all auto leasing agencies have a fixed value that cannot be exceeded. If exceeded, the customer has to pay a predefined amount per mile. Unfortunately, compensation for other aspects is less definite and it’s up to the discretion of the car leasing company. Lessees and car leasing companies tend to differ on their opinions of wear and tear which can lead to bitter break ups at the end of the lease.

Saving on your lease return

Experienced lessees know how to work around the various issues and discrepancies that may occur closer to the return of a lease. If you prefer to put in some effort, you can hire a third party to perform an inspection and give you a run down on the status of the car. Depending on how worn out your vehicle is, you can opt to replace the parts yourself which will most likely cost you less than what the leasing company will charge you. This way, you can get out of your lease without too much of a hassle.

Lease returns with Yonkers Auto Leasing

With Yonkers Auto Leasing, using a third party to inspect your vehicle and then making maintenance fixed would be wasteful. This is because we are a lot more tolerant and generous with how we handle lease returns. For starters, we offer more miles to work with than what the average leasing company provides. In addition, we don’t rip our customers off with exorbitant compensation fees. After inspecting your vehicle several months prior to allow enough time to settle any compensation, we only request a payment from our lessees if the amount of wear and tear is obvious and significant.

Trading your car

At the end of your lease, you will most likely be looking to lease a new vehicle. Instead of focusing on a good pay out from claiming compensation, we prefer that our customers stick with us for their next lease. We constantly update our inventory to feature the latest models so perhaps you can opt for the latest version of the model you were using previously or try something new. With our broad selection of car manufacturers, we are certain that you will find a suitable car for your next lease. You can be assured that we will maintain the some level of service that you received over the past few years.
For more information about lease returns and Yonkers Auto Leasing, you can contact us on 914-205-4242.

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