Smart Leasing in Yonkers

While BMW and Mercedes Benz are heavily competing in the luxury market, they also have another battle going in a smaller scale; the Mini and Smart rivalry. While there are plenty of reasons to argue that these two cars can’t really compete; the average buyer tends to compare them on just the basis of size. Smart is a part of Mercedes and Smart cars maintain the same quality that Mercedes brings; on a much smaller scale of course. Smart is not meant for lengthy drives but is ideal for inner city driving. The great benefit of Smart cars is that with its small size and engine, it can maintain a considerable speed while offering an impressive number of miles per gallon. Another impressive aspect about Smart is its safety. You might expect a Smart to be torn to shreds in a minor collision but Smart tends to stay intact protecting the driver in various crash tests that were conducted.
Smart is available in four versions; the Pure Coupe, Passion Coupe, Passion Cabriolet and the Electric Drive. While the Electric Drive is certainly an environment friendly option, all Smart cars are comparatively more eco-friendly due to their low fuel consumption. If you are interested in a Smart auto lease, Yonkers Auto Leasing offers the best possible options for your next Smart. Contact one of our sales professionals on 914-205-4242 for more information.

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Expert assistance with your Smart

A Smart is like no other car, so you may need a bit more information and diligence before you make a move. You’ll be happy to know that our auto leasing experts are smart about Smart cars. We have sold several Smarts and would be happy to assist you as well. While Smart certainly has its merits, it is also quite blatant that it won’t be suitable for everyone and cannot accomplish everything a normal sedan or SUV can. With our practical experience in the past and advice, along with your personal preference, you should be able to make an education decision. We offer test drives and detailed inspections if required. Smarts are ideal within the city limits of Yonkers so if this is your main reason for driving a Smart, you should be making a pretty safe bet.

Best rates for your Smart

While Smarts are not expensive cars, some might find them expensive considering the size of the car and the features available. Most people tend to agree that the price is justified after a short while owning the Smart because it does great on fuel and it can actually accomplish more than what you’d expect. With our low rates at Yonkers Auto Leasing, you should be able to get your Smart at a very low monthly rate.

Contac t us

We are always available to assist you with any queries related to your Smart. Whether you are ready for purchasing or still looking around, a quick conversation with one of our sales people should give you a better idea on how to move forward. Reach us on our hotline; 914-205-4242.