Lease Termination in Yonkers

Terminating your lease is the process of concluding a lease contract. This typically occurs at the end of the predefined lease period which is usually anywhere from 2 – 5 years. Sometimes, lessees may decide to get out of their lease early with an early lease termination in which case the process can be costlier and more complicated.
During the process of lease termination, the auto leasing company typically reviews the condition of a car and may choose to charge a lessee depending on its use. In essence, despite the fact that the car is practically yours and you treat it like your own during the course of your lease, the actual ownership belongs to your auto leasing agency and once the contract is over, they expect the car in perfect condition. This is the reason why all car leasing companies enforce mileage limits which will prevent customers from overusing the vehicle which would lead to more wastage.
The most obvious cost that you will have to incur is excess mileage costs. While the price won’t be that much per mile, it can certainly add up if you’ve done plenty above the threshold. You may also be charged for engine wear and tear, interior and exterior including the tires. The main issue with lease termination occurs when one of the two parties tends to be unreasonable and this can happen quite often. Sometimes, customers may terribly misuse the vehicle and expect to get away spot free while at other times; auto leasing companies look to charge an exorbitant amount for every little inconvenience they find. The answer is to ensure more clarity when establishing the lease contract and being in the know with regard to what a customer would be liable as you near the end of the car lease.

Lease termination with Yonkers Auto Leasing

Terminating your lease with Yonkers is a breeze. Our several customers can vouch for it not only with their verbal testimonials but just by the fact that they continue to come back to us for their next lease. The reason we maintain a great relationship with our customers and both parties are satisfied at the end of the lease is because we emphasize on proper communication and precise terms. Additionally, we are more liberal and generous with our compensation. We offer more mileage compared to our competitors for a typical lease and our excess mileage price is lower. In addition, we do not excessively request compensation from our lessees.
While we are not going to simply accept a car in tatters, we only charge our customers if their usage of the car has significantly affected its condition; and most of the time our customers are quite happy to oblige.

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